Rise, Shine & Morning Walk!

Make way gym sessions and treadmills! Life is not only about targets, charts and working up a sweat. Squeezing in a hardcore gym session in an already jam-packed day might seem effective, but some days your body and mind can be much better off with something much more simple and close to home…  no membership needed and right at your doorstep.  Roll out of bed, put on your sneakers and take a blissful morning walk in your neighborhood.  No need to brush your hair or pack a gym bag.  Just step outside and breathe in the clean, crisp morning air.
A morning walk is an effortless and effective way to start your day and clear your head.  Half an hour of brisk walking is all you need to open up some of your body’s key “chakras” (channels of energy).  The endorphins you release while exercising help reduce stress and ward off anxiety and feelings of depression.  It boosts self-esteem and improves sleep.  Another added bonus is the morning sun is not too harsh or hot yet, but you will still get that healthy sunkissed glow and your dose of sun triggered Vitamin D. 30 minutes only. What are you waiting for? ♥


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