Blissfully Good: Wholefood Simply

With the end of winter almost near I have decided to increase my gym visits, drink more water, less vino and attempt to cut back my sugar intake.  Especially this last one is a challenge for me as I have never been a big fan of healthy treats: chocolate should just be chocolate and what is a cake without sugar right?
So I thought, until last week, when someone I met at a hens party of all places, showed me the Wholefood Simply website.  It’s a beautiful site packed with simple wholefood recipes that are easy and actually pretty tasty.  The site has been around for ages and her famous Bliss Balls are well known among the more ‘conscious eaters’, but if you are a newbie like me in the raw and whole food arena, I can guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.
My source shared with me her ‘Sunday afternoon ritual’ where she chooses a new recipe each week and creates a supply of yummy slices or bliss balls to get her trough the week without caving in and grabbing a Kitkat.
I am proud to say I made my first stash this weekend and the whole family has been enjoying these pretty satisfying and healthy Brownies 🙂

Two Minute Baked Brownies


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