Sunscreens to the Test: ALDI’s Ombra wins!

Your skin is your largest bodily organ.  It is vital to keep it healthy. With summer coming up we should stock up on new sunscreen, but what is the best one to buy?  Some expensive luxury cosmetic brands contain unnecessary perfumes, tanning particles or are only recommend for ‘occasional protection’.  Check the fine prints and test before you buy.
A recent consumer satisfaction research by Canstar Blue reveals that ALDI OMBRA is the 2016 Winner with the most satisfied customers, beating Banana Boat, Cancer Council, Neutrogena, Nivea, Avon, Invisible Zinc and a few others. All brands were rated by 3,000 Australian consumers in the following categories: value for money, texture & consistency, effectiveness, scent and ease of absorption.
Added bonus with the ALDI’s cream is that the kids’ versions are coloured blue so you can see where you’ve missed a spot. But don’t worry, it dries clear!  The brand also has an Aftersun Spray with aloe vera to moisturise and soothe skin if you didn’t have quite enough sunscreen on… Their Family 1 Litre and Ultra Sport pump pack (water resistant and SPF50+) are both popular options too.

Happy Summer Time ♥

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