Dinner is Ready! – Meals Delivered to your Doorstep

They plan, shop, deliver and you cook. The new-age meal services are ‘cooking up a storm’ in Perth and we are loving it.  Personally I am still a big fan of Dinnertwist.  The Foodie box is a standard in our household.  You get all ingredients and instructions delivered to your doorstep to cook four delicious, healthy gourmet meals. Besides Dinnertwist there are now two other companies that do a similar thing in Perth: Prepd and Youplateit. The concepts and prices are all alike. Prepd’s meals have some ready made components (like a ready made mushroom sauce this week) and both Prep’d and Youplateit allow you to choose the number of meals each week. Dinnertwist might have the most ‘high end’ recipes, while Prep’d and Youplateit’s meals are somewhat easier and simple.


If you are into your superfoods you might like to try this company:


A few other good meals to have on standby in the freezer are from these two local companies. It’s healthier and cheaper than a takeaway, plus it doesn’t involve any prep work or driving to pick it up.


And if you are sick of preparing lunch, perhaps this can be a solution?


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