Booked! An Essential Girls Weekend Away

The life of a mum never stops.  It’s ongoing 24/7.  Sometimes you can forget how important it is to have some time ‘away’.  Away from everything; your house, your neighborhood,  the daily chores and routines, your beautiful kids and even that adoring husband.  A few days to reconnect with the old you and your best girlfriends… Not that we need to be convinced but here are ten reasons why a girls weekend away is essential!

1.  The planning and looking forward to it is half the fun!  We have our yearly girls trip already penciled in for May 2017.  Let the count down to Broome begin ladies. 
2.  Having a conversation.  Uninterrupted.  And laughing until it hurts. 
3.  Staying up late, not because you have to but because you want to.  Followed by a long sleep in.
4.  Lunch is just lunch, and dinner is just dinner.  And it doesn’t involve wiping and warning anyone.
5.  No sports talk/TV. Thank you! Girl music and girl movies only.
6.  A clean hotel room or holiday house; no toys, no shoes, no dirty bathrooms!
7.  One simple (BIG) bag of luggage.
8.  A spontaneous treatment; a facial, massage, pedi or a long bath.
9.  Delicious indulgent treats, chocolate, desserts, champagne….
10. Coming home as a new refreshed women, who is appreciated just a little bit more after leaving the home front to fend for themselves for a couple of days:

Welcome home mum, we have missed you so much ♥

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