Eat & Review: Nobu

Japanese cuisine fused with South American flavours
Crown Perth, Great Eastern Highway, Burswood
(08) 9362 7551

We did it!  We have finally been to Nobu.  After having been numerous times to our old favourite Rockpool (♥♥) and Silk (♥) we managed to get a table for two on Saturday evening.  I made the reservation about two months ago and it was tricky to get in, so you need to be organised if you want to try out Nobu in the weekend.

Let’s start off with, Nobu is worth experiencing, it’s one of those places you have to go to at least once – and you won’t be disappointed.  This “world’s most recognised Japanese restaurant” known for its innovative Japanese cuisine has a lot to offer; from sashimi to sushi to teppanyaki and everything Japanese in between.  Esteemed international Chef Nobu Matsuhisa brings traditional Japanese cuisine fused with South American flavours which is unlike any Japanese food we have ever had before.

The decor is abstract but warm and welcoming, and the seating is spacious and comfortable. We have a table by the window, which was initially sheltered by blinds to cover up the sunset, but later opened up to a view over the large Crown swimming pool and terrace.

Our waitress is prompt and friendly and explains that the extensive menu is created to share. We start off with the Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno (27): a beautifully presented sashimi in a mild soy based sauce that melts in your mouth.  Delicious.  Our second dish is  Wagyu Nobu Tacos (2 for 22).  They are tasty, but we agree the wagyu could have been any kind of beef and the tacos lack a bit of ‘special flavour’.  They are canape style (small bite size).  Third on the list is the Tempura Prawn in a Creamy Spicy Sauce (25): in contrast to the miniature tacos the prawns are plenty, to the point of overindulgent and they are very rich.  The flavour and texture is excellent, crunchy with a creamy and a spicy bite.

After these three small dishes we move on to two larger sized share plates.  The Yakimono Chicken with Wasabi Pepper (34) is cooked to perfection. The chicken has a hint of smokiness and a crispy skin, and the wasabi pepper sauce is absolutely delicious.  Next is the Pork Belly with Spicy Miso Caramel Sauce (28) which is pork belly at its best.

We finish with a Salmon Avocado Sushi Roll (15) because we are curious and still have a bit of room. The sushi is soft and still a bit warm. Delicious.

The drinks list offers a variety of top shelf sake, cocktails, wine, champagne and sparkling.  We stick to the wine by glass and are not disappointed in the selection and prices.

Then the last part of the evening.  Desserts!  Not that we need it but it all sounds so good we have to try it.  I have the Bento Box (18) a Chocolate Fondant with Green Tea Ice Cream (it takes 20 minutes to cook – it’s like Nigella’s chocolate pods! a flat favourite in our household) and hubby tries the Chocolate Garden (18): Dark Chocolate Soil, Wasabi and White Chocolate Moss with Hazelnut Ganache, Marshmallows, Caramel Snow and Dark Chocolate Ice Cream.  They are both amazing, but the Chocolate Garden is a bit more special and looks beautiful too.

A few last points worth mentioning:
– we spotted Louis Theroux from the BBC munching away a few tables away from us.
– although a fine dining establishment Nobu appears to be kid friendly: there was a family with a toddler in high chair eating sushi and also a group of mums with little girls pretty excited about going to the Lion King afterwards.

Overall verdict: ♥

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