Let’s get Social: Zoom or Houseparty?

Zoom, Houseparty? Or why not good old Skype? Or WhatsApp? They are all practically the same with a few small differences.

Biggest pro for Houseparty is you can easily drop in and out. It’s easy and straightforward to use. And perfect for a spontaneous quick chat with friends. And there are games to play too!!!

Zoom requires setting up an actual meeting slot and inviting attendees with a unique code to login. Great for larger groups or (more serious) meetings. I do online yoga via Zoom and it’s great! There are 30+ people in the “room” at one time.

What’s App I still use for one on one chats because it’s just there on your phone with all your existing contacts. Somehow it feels more like a (written) messenger app than a video app though.

Skype and Zoom are similar accept Skype is more wholistic in the sense that it also offers file sharing and (paid) phone calls while Zoom is more focused on virtual (group) and meetings.

Whatever program you choose, it’s definitely worth doing! It’s easy and fun and it does make you feel connected and social.

We had a virtual dinner party last Saturday for a friend and it worked perfectly. One tip is to take turns and talk for a minute or two instead of trying to have a “normal discussion” because it gets easily too hard to follow. We would throw in a topic and everyone would get a turn to chat which worked quite well.

Staying connected with friends on a Saturday night 🙂

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