How to Shake off a Bad Day in 5 steps

Did you wake up feeling like you drank two bottles of wine last night (while in fact you didn’t – you were up all night looking after sleepless little souls – or maybe you did have a good night with a few too many)? Bags under your eyes, pale skin, a low mood, who doesn’t have it once in a while?

Here are 5 tips to help make you look respectable and get you through the day without advertising to the world you are having a seriously Bad Day:

1. Time is of the essence. Get up 10 minutes earlier instead of sleeping in a little longer. Jump in the shower and switch the tap from hot to cold. The cold water makes your blood vessels and muscles contract which helps bring back a healthy glow to those pale cheeks.

2. Clean hair. Oily hair screams you are having a bad day, but washing and blow drying is just too much to ask today… Get your dry shampoo out and go nuts!

3. Dress to impress. Although the track pants and comfy sweatshirt are calling, don’t cave in. Choose that nice jacket and smart pair of shoes instead.

4. Accessories. A brightly coloured scarf, your big sunnies and that gorgeous sunhat or cap. Perfect for an off day.

5. Smile: Forget about makeup today, your smile is your best asset and can distract anything or anyone! Draw some more attention to your beautiful mouth by adding a bright lipstick.

Happy Living!

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