Morning Mojo: Get up and go!

No matter what time I set my alarm, every morning I am rushing to get everyone and everything organised.  By the time school drop off is ticked off the list I quite often feel I have ran a complete marathon – on an empty stomach, because who has time for a nutritious breakfast?

Exactly what Morning Mojo must have been thinking when they created a variety of delicious, whole food, ready to blend smoothies packed full of Superfood goodness.  Take away the hassle of researching, prepping, buying and measuring; a Morning Mojo smoothy is ready to enjoy in a heartbeat and it gives you that important energy to get up and glow – on the go!

Morning Mojo are ready-to-blend wholefood, superfood smoothies delivered to your door.  Nut, dairy, gluten free and delicious!  And there is even a flavour for coffeelovers: Macchiato Mojo Click here for more info

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 2.41.31 PM

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