Eat & Review: May Street Larder

May Street Larder
Breakfast & Lunch
Shop 23, 155 Canning Hwy, East Fremantle
Mon-Sun 7am-4pm
(08) 6161 0371

‘The Larder’, as it’s called by the locals and creators of Bib & Tucker is the newest addition to the ever expanding hip and wholesome East Fremantle food scene. We live around the corner but weren’t brave enough until today to visit the, what appears from the outside, buzzing (packed with hipsters?) and cramped hot spot tucked away at the corner of Canning Highway of all places. Not the first choice for a young family with toddler in tow.

How wrong were we. We drove (as it is 36 degrees today) and found a park right outside and rushed our way in. Behind the big glass windows hides a surprisingly cool and specious oasis that feels welcoming straight away. The place was buzzing but not too noisy and I liked the white, quirky  and minimalist interior. The clientele is a mix of hip young people, families with kids and a couple of older couples. It’s noon and all tables are taken and we have to wait 10 minutes before we are seated, but we use the time to scope out the intriguing all day menu with a selection of flavorsome and exotic sounding breakfast and lunch options. We spot a lot of jalapenos – which happens to be one of our favourite ingredients…

Once seated (in the back on a long shared table, and Oscar in a high chair) we are asked to order at the counter and are given a table number (to the delight of Oscar) in the shape of a miniature mannequin.
Besides the ‘order and pay at the counter’, you need to organise your own cutlery, water and napkins from a wooden station in the middle of the room. It’s all appears relaxed, but the tables are kept spotless and the friendly waiting staff keep a close eye on the high turnover eaters that come and go. I like the little touch of the different fresh flowers in mini vases on each table and the canvas art pieces on the ceiling.

The food arrives within 10 minutes. The Smoked Beef Brisket Hash (gf / $26) for my husband is served on a rustic wooden board in a skillet. Crispy potatoes, creamed corn, jalapenos, poached eggs and brisket bbq sauce served in a glass little jar on the side. Although listed as a breakfast option, the serving is huge and will satisfy any hungry eater for lunch. Husband’s verdict (a harsh critic and foodie who loves to cook): flavoursome, fresh, perfectly poached eggs with runny centers, beautifully presented and tasty! Would order it again.
My Soul Sandwich ($23, also from the breakfast list) is a polenta waffle ‘sandwich’, with buttermilk fried chicken, smashed avocado, smoked sour cream, chilli maple syrup & jalapenos. Verdict: 10/10. If you like healthy, spicy & sweet, exotic food with crisp textures, creamy sides and a great flavour balance, this sandwhich is truly “soul food” as the name applies.
Oscar enjoys some of my waffle too and plays happily with the mannequin while we eat our lunch. From beginning to end we are in and out in one hour. We leave feeling satisfied and excited about ‘our’ great new Larder. We will be back soon to try out Mexican on May, the dining option at Larder on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6pm.

For whoever still has some space, there is an irresistible cabinet of desserts, pastries and other goodness for afterwards. Or you could try the CocoWhip; a soft-serve frozen treat using only coconut water, organic & vegetable sourced ingredients. It’s vegan, gluten and dairy-free and tastes exactly like a soft serve icecream. Also worth a trie are the house-made sodas, Kombucha Wonder Drink on tap, and Campos coffee, available as takeaway or dine in.

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