CHEERS! My tip for the perfect summer drink…

Looking forward to some summer afternoons in the back garden with friends and family or just an afternoon for two on the back deck enjoying the sunshine…

Moet Ice Imperial is a demi – sec champagne, the first created by Moet & Chandon to be served with ice.  I first tasted this in September on the cocktail menu at Sails Restaurant in Noosa, it just perfectly complemented our late lunch looking out over the ocean, and it was quickly followed by a few too many more!  Perfectly made for our climate, this refreshing drink is a sweet, non – vintage champagne with all the fruity aromas we love about summer like mango and guava.

Fill up your cabernet sized glass with ice, fresh or frozen berries, some lemon or orange slices or mint if you feel, then pour the beautiful champagne over the top.  A simple cocktail to rival all the current summer drinks.

You can currently purchase Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial from Dan Murphy’s for $99.99 per bottle.


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