Smell Yourself Happy & Relaxed

Did you smell that? A specific smell can almost instantaneously bring back vivid memories and even influence how you feel.

When you first smell something new, you link it to a place, a person or an experience. Your brain creates a connection between the smell and the memory, for example associating the smell of sunscreen with summer holiday or incense with a church. When you encounter the smell again, there is a link ready to bring back that specific feeling you once had. Incense might make you feel nostalgic without you realising why, while sunscreen makes you feel happy and relaxed!
Now, what better way to stay happy and relaxed than to capture some “happy memory fragrances” and elevate your mood on a daily basis?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use a different, special body wash during your holiday than your daily one. When you are home, every so often you use your special holiday one again.
  • Buy a new perfume for a special occasion (a wedding or anniversary) and mix it up. Sometimes it can be good to give an old favourite perfume a break too.
  • Buy the shampoo/conditioner/hairspray from your hairdresser to recreate that happy “new hair” feeling at home.
  • Buy a special soap from your holiday destination and keep them between your fresh laundry.

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